Super sexual Trekkie blog. Doctor Who is also on here. Ehm... Music is a must bro. I like to post funny things. Midnight Beast. Female. Straight. Dancer. Bowties. Dick Grayson. Comic Books.


I love Jon D so much. Agh. His voice. Him. Just. Everything about him is amazing.

Asceticism seems bland. I like it.

I love learning.

Like woah man. It’s interesting.

I finally found something to believe in.

I’m experimenting with my life.

We build a wall of anger between ourselves and our experience. Everything irritates us, even the most innocuous, and innocent statement drives us mad with anger. The heat of our anger is reflected back on us and sends us into a frenzy to escape from our torture, which in turn causes us to fight even harder and get even angrier. The whole thing builds on itself until we don’t even know if we’re fighting with someone else or ourselves. We are so busy fighting that we can’t find an alternative to fighting; the possibility of alternative never even occurs to us.


I’ve got good dance mixes. Get rekt. Gonna make some good choreography.

I wanna buy new pointe shoes.